Food Bank Participates in Annual Feinstein Grant

The Food Bank of Marlborough has begun its annual participation in the Feinstein Foundation’s March-April Campaign to Fight Hunger.  The Feinstein grant is a monetary grant awarded to our Food Bank and is based on the amount of items or donations that are made to our Food Bank during the grant window (ends April 30th) from a pool of grant funds.  The grant proceeds will be used to buy much needed food bank supplies. Currently, the managers are seeking donations of dry cat food, pasta, pasta sauce,baking mix/pancake mix, jello or pudding mixes, and cooking oil. Home Goods requests donations of baking/cook ware, microwave oven, and gently used towels.

Please make sure to only donate items that have not reached their expiration dates. Opened or cracked items are also not acceptable.

Food Bank Clients Eligible to use Mobile Food Share in Hebron

Food Bank clients are eligible to use the mobile food share truck, which comes every other Tuesday to 1 Main St., Hebron, CT (behind the Congregational Church) from 10:30 to 11:00 am to distribute fresh produce.  The truck is next scheduled to be in Hebron on April 8th, May 6th, May 20th and June 3rd, 17th and July 1st.  Click on the link to see more information on the mobile food share truck:  (type “mobile” in the search box)

Food Bank of Marlborough Open First Saturday of Each Month

The Food Bank will be open the first Saturday of each month for donations only.  The hours are 10 am to 12 pm.  The Food Bank will be open Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. Donations can be brought to the Food Bank at 3 Wilhenger Drive every Tuesday during open hours, as well, or to Elmer Thienes administration office (hours: school year 8 am-4 pm; Summer 8:30 am-3 pm), or to Town Hall during posted hours.  The Food Bank follows Elmer Thienes for snow closings.  If Elmer Thienes is open, the Food Bank is open.

High School Volunteers for the Food Bank

Four volunteer slots are available each Tuesday during our afternoon hours and for the first Saturday of each month when we are open for donations.  The new procedure for high school volunteers to sign up is on the “High School Volunteers” page on this website.

Donate at Marlborough Elementary School, Town Hall and more

DID YOU KNOW that you can donate non-perishable food items or checks at Marlborough Elementary School every day during working hours (school year 8am-4pm: summer 8:30 am-3pm)?  Under their “Families Feeding Families” program, the administration, staff and students maintain a donation box to support the food bank.  This generous program allows donors the freedom of stopping in at the school office anytime the school is open to make a donation, or sending in items with students on the bus.  Special thanks to teacher Ellen Eastwood, the administration, other faculty and students.

You can also donate non-perishable goods at the box at Town Hall during their posted hours.


The Food Bank managers and volunteers thank these partners for their generous support.

PayPal is Here!

PayPal is here!  Donate to the Food Bank seamlessly via your PayPal account–no more writing/mailing checks!  *Important note:  the Food Bank of Marlborough is sponsored by the Congregational Church of Marlborough.  The Food Bank has 501(c)3 charitable status via this sponsorship.  Your donations will be directly deposited into the Food Bank checking account.  Your donations are fully tax-deductible.