Donation Requests

  1. PayPal Monetary Donations
  2. Tax Deductible Monetary Donations by Check
  4. Toothpaste/Adult toothbrushes
  5. Shampoo
  6. Deodorant
  7. Sugar
  8. Canned Ravioli, Spaghettios, Corned Beef Hash
  9. Soup (large cans like Progresso/Campbell’s Chunky)
  10. Pasta and Sauce
  11. Mayonnaise
  12. Dish Detergent
  13. Laundry detergent
  14. Jelly
  15. Salad dressings
  16. Vegetable oil
  17. macaroni and cheese
  18. cereal
  19. pasta
  20. catsup
  21. tuna
  22. coffee
  23. tea bags
  24. toothpaste
  25. maple syrup
  26. large jars of peanut butter
  27. dog and cat food
  28. cookie baking supplies
  29. oatmeal
  30. flour
  31. juice boxes
  32. jello or pudding mixes
  33. coffee/tea
  34. laundry detergent
  35. canned meats
  36. baked beans
  37. canned fruit
  38. pancake mix and syrup
  39. salad dressings
  40. rice mixes
  41. seasonings (salt, cinnamon, oregano, etc)
  42. Kleenex
  43. Barbeque sauce
  44. paper towels
  45. drink mixes
  46. Gluten Free Items


    *Please note: the Food Bank cannot accept expired or opened items.  Kindly check expiration dates before donating food to the Bank.*

    DID YOU KNOW that you can donate non-perishable food items or checks at Marlborough Elementary School every day during working hours?  Under their “Families Feeding Families” program, the administration, staff and students maintain a donation box to support the food bank.  This generous program allows donors the freedom of stopping in at the school office anytime the school is open to make a donation, or sending in items with students on the bus.  Special thanks to teacher Ellen Eastwood, the administration, other faculty and students.


You can also donate non-perishable goods at the box at Town Hall or to the Marlborough Country Store, 45 N. Main.